Dear customer/friend/collaborator, 

We are pleased to inform you that we are currently resuming the marketing and distribution of food colorants.

As many of you will remember, we have nearly 10 years of experience in these products, acquired during an earlier stage. Encouraged by the growing demand and requests from our current customers, we are launching this product line to the market, aiming to offer global and competitive solutions in order to meet these needs.

With the same criteria of excellence that we pursue in our entire range of food additives, we want to ensure the highest standards of quality, food safety and traceability of our new colorants. We have providers strictly selected by the adequacy of their raw materials, facilities, equipment, implementation of food safety systems, best practices, etc.

In EPSA, we have opted for this new line of products, making a strong investment in our infrastructures. This has allowed us to install a modern R&D laboratory specialized in colouring, where we have the latest technology equipment. We have also created a wide manufacturing area equipped with four production cabins, which gives us great versatility and allows us to avoid cross-contamination.

Thanks to these new facilities, we can develop value-added products. We always work hand in hand with our customers in the development of new formulations designed to meet their needs: emulsions, mixtures in powder or liquid, custom colours and other products they may request.

We have a highly specialized technical team that will advise you on the use of the product and its most appropriate application, depending on the food, processing process and the desired tone and intensity.

In our facilities in Torrent, we have stock of raw material, which allows us to give an agile and rapid response, ensuring the required delivery dates are respected.

In EPSA, we will be delighted to assist and welcome you in order to know and respond to your needs regarding the use and application of colorants.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Carla Cots

Colorants Sales Director

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