Our proposal for dehydrated vegetables and seeds

We continue to make progress and we want to get to the market a new proposal for dehydrated vegetables and seeds.

In order to reduce the distance between producer and user, we have made a selection of collectors and collectors of dehydrated vegetables and seeds in origin. Our purchasing staff has gone to production countries and reached agreements to avoid intermediaries hindering traceability and unnecessarily raising the price of the product .We need to seek improvements in both cost and quality in those products that we were already marketing : garlic, onion , parsley , sesame, etc ... and others that have been progressively incorporated to our portfolio in recent years : fruits and vegetables, culinary herbs, mushrooms and fungi , teas ...We rely on first order auditors to ensure strict compliance with the characteristics we want in each product. We use the available resources in the countries of origin for cleaning, cutting , grinding, etc. . , As long as we can guarantee the quality levels required by our clients , resulting in a significant improvement in costs.Upon receipt of the goods at our facilities, we conduct a second inspection : metal detection , breaks, labeling, subdivision and sampling to ensure traceability . We want to put all our efforts and minimize the imponderables.We´ve Conditioned specific areas of racking and storage at our facilities so that we can keep reasonable stocks according to market requirements at all times. Among others, we have enabled cameras with controlled temperature and humidity to ensure the suitability of the product during transit in our facilities.In our offer we aim to cover as much as possible the needs of dehydrated vegetables and seeds not only in terms of variety but also to their different forms: cuts, particle sizes, sheet size , die , rolling, etc ... Also, we seek to deliver all those documentary requirements needed in each case .And of course , all in due time under the conditions laid down .This will only be possible , BY YOUR SIDE, NATURALLY.


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