Our team is composed by doctors and technicians specialised in Chemicals, Pharmacy and Food technology.
We count with 8 professionals in the market looking for solutions and 4 who develop these solutions in our indoor laboratory.

We offer:
Solutions: With strict confidentiality, we advise which the more suitable products are for each need searching and developing customized solutions to specific projects.
Quality: we fulfil with the legislation standards and collaborate with supplier with high quality standards.
Traceability from raw materials and intermediate products' purchase to delivery in customer's facilities.
Analysis : that we realise in our facilities or by third laboratories that guarantee reliable results in case we don't have the suitable tools.
       · Organoleptical
       · Microbiological
       · Chromatographical
Partnership agreements with manufacturers and Institutions.
Agreements with Institutions and Associations that allow us to have expert technicians that complement our humans and materials resources.